Welcome Statement

All Are Welcome
Christ has welcomed us, whoever we are. Because of this, we at Bethlehem Lutheran Church are glad to welcome you. None of the distinctions that divide our world apply here!

  •     young, old or in between;
  •     white, black, native, Hispanic, whatever your ancestry;
  •     married, single, divorced, a single parent, whatever your family of choice;
  •     rich, poor, middle class, employed or unemployed;
  •     a lifelong Christian, just now seeking faith, or not really sure;
  •     straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans, questioning, however you identify;
  •     healthy of mind and body, living with mental illness, disabled or sick;
  •     struggling with addiction, in recovery, or if you love those who are;
  •     liberal, conservative, or ambivalent;
  •     homeless, a former convict, or in any way longing for acceptance. 

At Bethlehem, we offer safety, love and the ministry of Word and Sacrament to everyone who seeks it.  Come and be part of this welcome, as equal, as free, as a beloved child of God!  All ARE welcome! 

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