All Are Welcome

Sunday worship at

8:30 and 10:30a.m.

  Summer schedule starts May 29th, Sunday Worship at 9:30 a.m.

"I was a stranger and you welcomed me"

- Jesus

Welcome to our website.   We are a wonderful congregation for those who love a smaller, more connected, Lutheran experience, with a strong "All Are Welcome" grace filled identity.  
We have a community garage sale on May 20-21st coming up!  
Plus a Sunday School for children, two worship services and the excitement of calling a new pastor to be in our midst for 2016!  
  Check us out!
Christian community should be a place of absolute welcome.  
    Christ has welcomed us, whoever we are. 
Because of this we at Bethlehem Lutheran Church are glad to welcome you. 
We are small enough to enjoy each other's fellowship as true Christian community,
big enough to open our hearts to welcome you!
    None of the distinctions that divide us apply here!  Join in our joy!

We welcome you no matter if you are:
*        young, old or in between;
*        white, black, native, Hispanic, or whatever your ancestry;
*        married, single, divorced, a single parent, or whatever your family of choice;
*        rich, poor, middle class, employed or unemployed;
*        a lifelong Christian, just now seeking faith, or not really sure;
*        straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, questioning, or any other identity;
*        healthy of mind and body, living with mental illness, disabled or sick;
*        struggling with addiction, in recovery, or if you love those who are;
*        liberal, conservative, or ambivalent;
*        homeless, a former convict, or in any way someone longing for acceptance.

At Bethlehem, we offer safety, love and the ministry of Word and Sacrament to everyone who seeks it.  Come and be part of this welcome, as an equal, as a free and beloved child of God!

We are for you, the neighborhood and the world!

Bethlehem takes seriously the needs of this world.  We work with Family Promise, the Billings Food Bank, Washington Elementary, St. John's, Lutheran Community Services, Christikon and various social agencies to serve others in the wonderful grace of God!  We are God's hands in the world.  Make a statement about how we need to be for each other by joining us.

At Bethlehem, a talented troupe of actors puts on a puppet show at the 10:30 worship service based on the our Bible readings for the day!  The truth comes to us all in an amazing way and often with a smile.  Join Orange George and the rest of his friends at our second worship.

Support This Mission to the World!

Bethlehem members regularly contribute, electronically or in the offering plate, to make sure that this church and its mission to "Welcome Everyone to the Love of God" continue to exist and thrive.  But there are also those who wish us well, who cannot be members here, but who want to support this kind of loving church rather than the other kind. Click above if you want to contribute to our mission to the world and Billings on our secure donation page!